Welcome to the College of Tactical Culture Clinic

The CTC reviews submissions from anyone and, if chosen, will write back with ideas for solutions within 1-2 weeks free of charge. The Clinic is an outgrowth of CTC workshops held in July 2009.

Step 1

Write a one paragraph summary of the issue you are working on.

Step 2

Please answer the following questions and try to provide details to help us understand the issue:

  • Who are the stakeholders? Who is the audience(s) you are trying to reach?
    • How involved are they now?
    • What do they care about?
    • What media are they using?
    • What is the geography? Demographics?
    • Why should they care?
  • Who knows what?
  • What’s the timeline you are working with? Any key dates?
  • What are 3 primary goals?
  • How do you see / hear / feel the issue? Try to make it less abstract…
  • How do you make this interesting?
  • Is there a single message or multiple messages? What are they?
  • What are competing needs or desires in the community?
  • How can your effort be sustained?
  • What constraints exist?
  • What opportunities do partner institutions offer?
  • What does winning look like?

Step 3

Submit the answers to ctc at lists dot visitsteve dot com

The College of Tactical Culture may share the research and responses to your query – please let us know if your would prefer your responses kept private.