Do petitions do anything?


An article on the New York Times today looks at Change.org and whether online petition campaigns are truly effective. The answer is a qualified yes. “No president is going to do an about-face on a major policy because of 20,000 signatures,” he wrote. “But coupling that petition with other tactics like protests, rallies, phone calls, […]


Give the Gift of Artistic Activism

Give your friends or family a can of Whoop Ass or Canned Do Spirit! Your gift will support effective & creative activist training to counteract intolerance and fear in 2017. After you donate, click on “Return to Merchant” on the PayPal site, and you will be directed to a page where you can download labels […]


Most creative election ad of 2016?

We don’t agree with his policies, but this ad is funny and very effective: Gerald Daugherty, a Republican county commissioner in the Austin-area Travis County, has produced one of the best ad-spots of the season, depicting him as a politics-obsessed public servant whose long-suffering, side-eyeing wife can’t wait for him to be re-elected so she […]



Visual appreciation for my art is wanted I suppose, but not totally necessary…Ideally, I want my audience to react in some way either positively or negatively to my art and either a smile or smirk will keep me happy as either way I have gotten an audience response to my art. I suppose the artivist […]


Felicia Young

My theory is one of creative collaboration and joyous affirmation — activating change through the inspirational power of the arts and affecting the individual on a deep emotional level, which can be imperceptible, as well as through more visible and public, celebratory and collective community action. People may look to statistics and metrics, such as numbers engaged and gardens saved, which we […]


Amin Husain

“Art actions relevant for today come from a place of vulnerability and radical love, from fighting back. They push back and it creates a little space, and that little space could be something more meaningful, if only for a second. And then you do it again. And it gives you that breath of fresh air.” […]