I really looked forward to participating in the School for Creative Activism and I can honestly say tat you surpassed my expectations. I can now go back to work with a fresh perspective and a view of the utopian Macedonia that I want my country to be.

I wanted to give you both a BIG THANK YOU for leading such an amazing workshop last weekend. I was really moved and inspired by your work — and presence! You both come with such energy, enthusiasm, and clarity… ,I look forward to following CAA and all the great work you’re doing!

Thank you for doing the workshop and all the work you’ve put into it. I really appreciated the balance of theoretical and practical, hypothetical and realistic. I learned a lot about the language of activism and teaching. BRAVO.

Wow. Thank you for your knowledge, sharing, generosity and encouragement. The AAA landed in Portland @ just the right time for us.

Your workshop completely changed the way I think about art and activism and what is possible there. It renewed my faith in the possibility that a new brand of community organizing is within reach. You brought me through the heartbreak of Occupy. For that I’m so grateful.

I am absolutely pooped : ) , but feel empowered and very grateful to you and the valuable knowledge you shared. My view of mobilizing people completely changed from throwing facts at people to trying to motivate them to move.

Having attended [many other] trainings this has been one of the best ever. So, so,  glad that I could attend. You work well together and fit your program to the audience. Humor is key.

Thank you for affirming we are human. I talked more than I ever talk; I was really excited about everything I learned, observed, and experienced — and have not been this excited in a long time. Thanks for helping us.

I thought this was an amazing training. I was able to easily envision how I can use these process with my work …I’ve always thought of myself as both creative and analytical and this workshop really helped me fuse those selves together.

This fantastic, invigorating and thought provoking workshop revolved around being in UTOPIA….In the workshop it was taken as the center of reaching a destination, to know our path with the help of this insanely-impossible dream. The part where Duncombe and Lambert imposed “you have all of it, you have achieved it, what does it look like now!?”  was my favorite ….as it felt like using paintbrushes and softwares in the mind to create a very vivid visual – it felt as if I was already there!