The terrain of artistic activism and activist art is vast, and there is no one coordinate of success. In order to map some of this landscape we’ve created the following axes where one might situate particular practices and thereby better determine relative success. A work-in-progress.

Expressive                 <————————————->             Instrumental

Tactical                       <————————————->             Strategic

Cultural  Change       <————————————->             Material Change

Relationships             <————————————->             Outcomes

Esoteric                      <————————————->             Accessible

Visionary                   <————————————->              Critical

Timeless                     <————————————->              Timely

Affect                          <————————————->               Effect


­Risë Wilson, George Perlov, Steve Lambert, Stephen Duncombe
Rauschenberg Foundation, 12 February 2016

With an assist from Brett Cook, 1 October, 2016, British Council Artists’ Assembly