Founders of the Center for Artistic Activism discuss how an effective campaign for change is structured. We cover goals, objectives, tactics, and strategy and how you can use these concepts in your creative practice and/or collective organizing.

C4AA Fundamentals is a free webinar series is designed to cover the core concepts of artistic activism for people motivated post-election. We don’t have answers, but we can provide some structure to your thinking and planning around how to creatively, and effectively, respond in the weeks to come.

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We created summary handout on creative campaigns you can use as reference. Download: Campaign Terms and Objective Tips for C4AA Fundamentals Webinar no2


Our NEXT WEBINAR is C4AA Fundamentals #3 – What is Artistic Activism? It will be in 2 weeks (because of the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US) on Friday December 2nd, 2016. You can register for the next webinar now
Also: Jo Hill will be revealed!

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This video and the handout are licensed with a Creative Commons License so you can share them with attribution, non-commercially without our express permission (you already have it!). Please pass it along to anyone who you think it will help.

Giving Tuesday

Our funding is project based – we propose projects, submit a budget, and then we get funding for those projects. We didn’t budget for a Trump presidency, so your small donations help a great deal. Tuesday is “Giving Tuesday” and we hope you consider the Center for Artistic Activism. If your employer has a matching program, we make a good match. artisticactivism.org/donate

Last, thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. It’s encouraging.

Steve & Steve & Jo

Check out the first webinar in the series, How To Use Creativity in Organizing.

Participant Notebook Art

Do not feel you need to do this. But it is cool.

Notes from another lesson in Creative Campaigns from Steve and Stephen. @artisticactivism.

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