• Activist Art: Does it Work? — from OPEN! Journal-*+The first rule of guerilla warfare is to know the terrain and use it to your advantage. The topography on which the activist fights may no longer be the mountains of the Sierra Maestra or the jungles of Vietnam, but the lesson still applies. Today, the political landscape is one of signs and symbols, story […] (Read the rest)
  • School for Creative Activism, a project of the Center for Artistic Activism — Social Text-*+Overview The first rule of guerrilla warfare is to know the terrain and use it to your advantage. No longer does this require navigating the mountains of Cuba with a rifle on one’s back, as today’s political topography is one of symbols and signs, images and expressions. From small community organizations to international NGOs, the School […] (Read the rest)
  • An open letter to critics writing about political art-*+Last weekend Creative Time held their fourth annual summit on the current state of artistic activism. Over two days, scores of political artists from around the world gave short presentations and organized longer workshops. Hundreds of people participated. The critical response, so far, has been underwhelming: few critics attended and those that did had little substantive to say. It would be easy to account for the overall silence and dismiss the surface commentary with some snarky criticism of our own about a bullshit art world with their head up their ass who can’t recognize that something important is happening right in front of them. And while this may be self-righteously satisfying, it is not very helpful. We want to help. (Read the rest)
  • Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy – free PDF-*+ Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy by CAA co-director Stephen Duncombe is now a  free pdf. Part analysis of popular culture, part how-to guide to creative activism, Stephen make a case for how activists can, and must use fantasy and spectacle in their work…and do it ethically. (Read the rest)