Stephen Duncombe & Steve Lambert

Co-founders and co-directors of the Center for Artistic Activism.

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Board of Advisors

Board of Advisors

Kenneth Bailey

Kenny BaileyKenneth Bailey started the Design Studio for Social Intervention (ds4si) in 2007 thanks to the support of Stone Circles Fellows and MIT Department of Urban Planning Community Fellows Program. Since its inception, ds4si has helped frame the need for design thinking and artistic research and development within the social justice sector. Ds4si currently works with large coalitions of social justice organizations like Praxis Project’s Communities Creating Healthy Environments (CCHE) and Project South’s Southern Movement Alliance which a cohort of organizing groups in the south. The most recent publication Kenneth participated in producing for ds4si is Spatial Justice: A Frame for Reclaiming our Rights To Be, Thrive Express and Connect. Prior to starting ds4si, Kenneth worked at Third Sector New England developing and testing knowledge management processes. While at Third Sector New England, he published Brave Leadership and Organizational Conflict.

Andrew Boyd

Andrew BoydAndrew Boyd is an author, humorist and veteran of creative campaigns for social change. He led the decade-long satirical media campaign “Billionaires for Bush.” He co-founded Agit-Pop Communications, an award-winning “subvertising” agency, as well as the netroots social justice movement The Other 98%. He’s the author of three books: Beautiful Trouble, Daily Afflictions and Life’s Little Deconstruction Book. Unable to come up with with his own lifelong ambition, he’s been cribbing from Milan Kundera: “to unite the utmost seriousness of question with the utmost lightness of form.” You can find him at

David Darts

David DartsDavid Darts is Chair of the Department of Art and Art Professions and Director of the NYU Steinhardt MA in Studio Art Program in Berlin, Germany. His research focuses on the convergences between contemporary art and media, technology, education, and democracy. Darts’ writings have been published in a number of top scholarly journals and books. His PirateBox is a self-contained and mobile digital collaboration and file sharing system which has been featured in over 125 international online and print publications. Darts is also Curatorial Director of Conflux, the annual art and technology festival for the creative exploration of urban public space.

Dipti Desai

Dipti DesaiDipti Desai is an Associate Professor and Director of the graduate program in art education at New York University. As a scholar and artist-educator she is committed to addressing the formative role of visual representation and its politics in order to affect social change. Her work has examined the ways visual representations construct meaning about culture in schools and its implications for social justice based pedagogical practice. Focusing on contemporary art practices as a pedagogical site, she explores the relationship between incarceration, immigration, and social activism. She has co-authored a book with Jessica Hamlin and Rachel Mattson, History as Art, Art as History: Contemporary Art and Social Studies Education (2009) published by Routledge and published several articles in art education journals on the politics of multicultural art education, critical pedagogy, and social activist based art education. She serves on the editorial board of several journals in art education and is the SeniorEditor for the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education.

Beka Economopoulos

Beka EconomopoulosBeka is the co-founder and director of “Not An Alternative,” a Brooklyn-based non-profit organization whose mission aims to integrate art, activism, technology and theory in order to affect popular understandings of events, symbols and history. She operates No-Space, a multipurpose venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where free artist talks, workshops, panels, film screenings, and trainings occur. She is also the Senior Strategist and VP at Fission Strategy, a boutique consulting firm. She helps non-profits and foundations leverage social media for social good.

Michael Ellick

Michael EllickRev. Michael Ellick is currently the Minister of Judson Memorial Church.  Raised in a Conservative Baptist church in Washington State, Ellick studied Comparative Religion and Philosophy at the University of Washington before earning his M.Div. at Union Theological Seminary in the year 2000. There he grew frustrated with contemporary theological thinking, and looking for new ways to understand the Gospel, and real world practices for embodying it, he studied closely under a Tibetan Buddhist teacher for the next seven years. Over the course of his life, he has also worked as a courier, a fast-food cook, a fact-checker, a fresh juice delivery person, a copy-editor, an event planner, a barista, a financial analyst, an internet help desk, a community organizer, and even as an assistant at a Marine Biology lab.  Ellick was ordained for Ministry in 2008, and so far has held on to the job.

Aaron Hughes

Aaron HughesOn January 30, 2003 Aaron was pulled out of the University of Illinois and called to active duty with the 1244th Transportation Company Army National Guard out of North Riverside, Illinois. On April 17, 2003 his Company was deployed to Kuwait under Operation Iraqi Freedom. There he supported combat operations by transporting supplies from camps and ports in Kuwait to camps in Iraq. After three extensions, totaling one year, three months and seven days, Aaron’s Company was redeployed to home base in North Riverside Illinois on July 24, 2004. Aaron returned to the University of Illinois in the spring of 2005 as a student majoring in painting with the need to express and share his experiences with others and began to use art as a tool to confront issues of militarism and occupation. Aaron went on to receive an MFA in Art Theory and Practice from Northwestern University in 2009. Today Aaron is the Organizing Team Leader for Iraq Veterans Against the War where he has worked on such projects as Warrior Writers, Combat Paper, Drawing For Peace, Operation First Casualty, Winter Soldier, the Demilitarized University, the Field Organizing Program, and Operation Recovery.

Patricia Jerido

Patricia JeridoPatricia Jerido is a Program Officer for the Democracy and Power Fund at the Open Society Foundations (OSI). The Democracy and Power Fund expands on OSF’s efforts to engage and mobilize youth, immigrants, and communities of color. It aims to build the collective power of individuals and organizations to develop and demand solutions that advance open society in the United States. The fund provides capacity-building support to organizations that engage critical constituencies, nurture new leaders, and generate innovative ideas and solutions that address threats to democracy. Patricia is an experienced organizer and has worked on various issues including nuclear disarmament, U.S. foreign policy in Central America, HIV/AIDS and reproductive rights.

Chong Kim

Chong (John) KimChong Kim is a long time community organizing “artivist”, aspiring comic book artist, a fulltime dreamer and all around do-gooder who most people have come to know by his American name “John”. An adopted native of New York City, Chong is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts and an avid fan of CUNY’s Hunter College. He has helped to initiate social justice campaigns for public education, civic engagement and media justice campaigns. Chong can be best identified as part of an emerging group of progressives that employ what he terms “evolutionary cultural strategy” as a fundamental tenet of transformational organizing and progressive institution building. Chong’s most defining work is in developing Soul Survivors, a start-up whose mission is to develop sustainable ventures for working peoples. Soul Survivors’ first collaborative project “Hip-Hop Sustains” in 2007 has already set a national precedent by fusing Hip-Hop culture with eco-friendly culture. Soul Survivor’s new project in development is dubbed “Hero Academy”. The Hero Academy identifies everyday people who do extraordinary things and assists them in their development as community activists. In his personal time Chong has acquired a Masters Certificate for Vermi-Composting with the Lower Eastside Ecology Center for the purposes of researching urban permaculture. He is also developing a comic book universe and publishing company in order to help develop seminal mythologies for a new generation.

Terry Marshall

Terry MarshallTerry Marshall has been involved in youth and social justice struggles for over 15 yrs. In 2008 Terry became the Lead Youth Organizer of the Healthcare Education Project, an initiative of 1199 SEIU in New York City. While there he led the innovative “Young Voices For Healthcare” campaign to involve young people in the healthcare reform struggle. He also is a culture channel editor of the blog Today Terry is the Co-Founder and Co-editor of Occupy Comix, a bimonthly comic book that depicts the stories of the 99% and is working on a book presented by his young voices nation project depicting creative activist of color.

Linda Sarsour

Linda SarsourLinda Sarsour is a Palestinian-American community activist, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently working as the Advocacy and Civic Engagement Coordinator for the National Network for Arab American Communities and ACCESS and locally serving as the Executive Director of the Arab American Association of New York, a social service agency serving the Arab community in NYC. Sarsour was a 2005 COROS New American Leaders fellow, 2009 graduate of the American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute housed at USC, named Extraordinary Woman by Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes and received the 2010 Brooklyn Do-Gooder Award from the Brooklyn Community Foundation. Sarsour is also a board member of the New York Immigration Coalition, a coalition of over 250 nonprofit agencies serving the diverse immigrant communities of New York State. In the 2008 elections, Sarsour coordinated the largest and most successful get out the vote effort in the Arab American community in Brooklyn, with over 130 canvassers and 8000 doors knocked. She has been featured in local, national, and international media speaking on topics ranging from women’s issues, Islam, domestic policy and political discussions on the Middle East conflict.

Jacques Servin

Jacques ServinJacques Servin / Andy Bichlbaum is a co-founder of the Yes Men, a group that has accomplished numerous high-profile media interventions serving to highlight environmental, economic and social injustices and the systemic problems that lead to them. At the Hemispheric Institute, Jacques / Andy heads the Yes Lab, which helps students and others carry out media interventions.

Keri Smith

Keri SmithShe is the author of several bestselling books about creativity including the bestselling Wreck this Journal (2007 Perigee), How to be an Explorer of the World –the Portable Life/Art Museum, (2008 Perigee), The Guerilla Art Kit (2007 Princeton Architectural Press), Mess: A Manual of Accidents and Mistakes (2010 Perigee), Living Out Loud – Activities to Fuel a Creative Life (published 2003 by Chronicle Books), and Tear up this Book! :The Sticker, Stencil, Stationery, Games, Crafts, Doodle, And Journal Book For Girls!, (2005 American Girl). Her newest book, Finish this Book is out now, fall 2011 by Penguin Books. Keri spends her days playing with her husband and son, reading, cooking and writing books. As of fall 2010 she will be teaching part time at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver B.C.


Office Manager

Jo Hill

Jo Hill manages the everyday operations of the Center. Born in Sweden, Hill came to the United States to pursue a career and found a love for activism. When not busy answering emails and administrating, Jo can often be heard strumming a guitar and singing songs.


Special Projects Assistant

Liane Tomasetti

LianeLiane Tomasetti is an artist, educator, and aspiring creative activist. She is a graduate of NYU’s program in Educational Theatre where she received the award for Outstanding Citizenship in Educational Theatre. She is currently working as a teaching artist and pursuing a master’s degree the Gallatin School of Individualized Study in arts-based leadership, community development, and civic engagement. She is interested in how artistic approaches, techniques, and projects might open up dialogue and spark social change both locally and globally.  Some of the artists who inspire her include Anna Deavere Smith, Anne Bogart, and Bertolt Brecht. She is also a licensed bus driver.

Student Fellow

Em Watson

em wtasonEm Watson is a student at the Gallatin School at New York University. In this program, she is creating an individualized major at the intersections of her interests in design, photography, experimental theater, communications, human rights, and social movements. Em also enjoys cooking food, dancing, and playing board games. ((


West Coast Office

Larry Bogad, Founding Director West Coast Office

An activist, author and performer, Bogad is a 20-year veteran of guerrilla theatre and performance art and has collaborated with some of the field’s most respected artists and activists. Currently a theatre professor at the University of California at Davis, he has worked extensively with other US universities and leads Tactical Performance workshops with activists involved in revolutionary projects, most recently in Cairo, Reykjavik, and Buenos Aires. A successful playwright, Bogad also writes widely for activist and academic journals, produced the documentary Radical Ridicule: Serious Play and the Republican National Convention, and is the author of the book, Electoral Guerrilla Theatre: Radical Ridicule and Social Movements. All his work has generated critical popular and academic discourse on the political potential of playful theatrics.