The ukranians are using mirrors and in Europe, they have the Reflecto-Cube! It’s mentioned in an article “12 Inspired Actions to Outsmart Repressive Situations and Laws” written by CAA pal, Leónidas Martín with Amador Fernández-Savater.


Inside The Box: People don’t actually like creativity

Great article on Slate: In the United States we are raised to appreciate the accomplishments of inventors and thinkers—creative people whose ideas have transformed our world. We celebrate the famously imaginative, the greatest artists and innovators from Van Gogh to Steve Jobs. Viewing the world creatively is supposed to be an asset, even a virtue. […]


Reflection from Pakistani Participant

Recently we hosted a group of Pakistani Visual Artists for a short workshop in Creative Activism (Read more about that workshop here). One of the participants, Sehr Jalil Raja,  shared a recent post about her experiences on the trip to New York and DC. To hear all about her discoveries and adventures, follow this link to […]